As the current Corona lockdown is slowly getting untightened in parts of this world a gentle scenery like the one you are about to witness in the following music videos gets a bit more likely. Heads Or Heads‘ music video for Lake doesn’t do or show much other than having a nice weekend with your friends in a lovely house by the lake but the song that was directed by the band’s very own Alex Harbolt is even more moving following that quarantine time that happened after it was originally shot earlier this year. it celebrates togetherness, friendship and the pure joy of being with your closest companions. Bears, BBQ and joint music making – I get the feeling we’ll all appreciate this a bit more once this whole mess is over.

NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is happy to highlight this video today but of couse, you should also pay attention to the great music that comes with is. Lake is the closing track of the freshly released second Heads Or Heads album called Low Angles. The whole thing is a one-man dream folk project, carried by songwriter Alex Harbolt. If you love your guitar folk with gentle electronic textures and bittersweet melancholia, then the sound of this record might just suit you. It’s out now and Heads Or Heads will hopefully provide you with a fitting soundtrack for your next chance to hang with your best friends. It wouldn’t be the worst thing to look forward to these days, right?

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