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— Daily Tune 18/10/2018

Jealous of the Birds – ‘Marrow’

Naomi Hamilton’s latest EP under her moniker Jealous Of The BirdsThe Moths of What I Want Will Eat Me in My Sleep – already created a little buzz this summer but somehow managed to slip under our radar. Listening to her brand new single Marrow I really have to wonder how that happened. The song is a powerful indie/folk anthem that takes its listener to the highest heights. Maybe it’s because of its existential nature as Hamilton states that the song is her attempt to articulate what it’s like to be a human being navigating one’s inner and outer worlds. She states: ‘After I graduated university a year ago, I became much more resolute about chasing a life in music, art and travelling. To me, ‘Marrow’ captures that sense of striving for authenticity in all its colours and forms.’ The powerful start of her new artistic chapter is taken from the freshly announced new Jealous Of The Birds EP Wisdom Teeth which arrives on February 1st, 2019.

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