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— Daily Tune 18/03/2022

The World Is Shutting Out For VERO On The Swirling Sadness Of “22:12”

Stockholm trio VERO have been around for a while now, but over the last few months they’ve really been putting the pedal to the carpet in the lead-up to their debut album, with a slew of singles that might well be their strongest songs ever. Previous outings BEG! and Cupid were rough and raw, tough and tense sawn-off rock songs, new single 22:12 finds them in a more contemplative mood. On 22:12, the guitars sparkle like sun on the water, and singer Julia Boman is taking a long walk through the corridor of accepting that someone else is moving on without you, even though every step stings a little. VERO magic that up into a gentle, pretty song, with an extra sugar rush from its surging, soaring chorus. Right now they’re a band on imperious form, with every song stretching their horizons, and looking incapable of putting a foot wrong along the way. VERO say: “From the whining, lonely guitar in the intro, to the painful lyrics about being lonely, leaving the party early and feeling defeated. In a way, the song is an ode to someone else’s happiness, of which you have no part in, and that hurts”. Their debut album, the excellently-titled Unsoothing Interior, is out on May 6 on PNKSLM.

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