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— Daily Tune 21/03/2022

Matilda Mann Ignites A Buzzing Alt-Pop Firework On “Four Leaf Dream”

From the folk-fused lo-fi beginnings of Matilda Mann‘s first singles at the end of 2020, the new drive of the Londoner singer-songwriter sure has evolved to be a slightly changed one, and the new single Four Leaf Dream shows how. More heading into folk-rock terrain as well as discovering her alt-pop side in a blow of rhythmic stances that carry the catchy tune from the first note to the last, this piece shows just how much she has grown and her art is long away from being complete. “Four Leaf Dream is about letting go of the idea of someone”, the artist shares. “Sometimes we mould people and relationships to fit this idea we created in our heads – that they’re perfect, that this is definitely right. Sometimes it stops you from seeing what they’re actually like, and that it’s best to let them go. I wrote this a few months ago and it was one of those songs that just so effortlessly came together”. Make sure you check this one out right in the box above.

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