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— Daily Tune 27/01/2023

“I’m Taking Back My Body”: Synne Sanden’s “Firewood” Glows With Fervor and Fury

How do you regain control over your own body, once someone has invaded these borders? On Firewood, the second single to her fifth studio album Unfold, Norwegian experimental pop artist Synne Sanden explores the means of overcoming sexual trauma and regaining strength over your own self. Locating the debt not anymore within herself but at those who are to blame, the singer frames her own confident rebirth and redemption from her suffering, vowing never to be a victim of exploitation: “Bodies have a sacred fire / So never rob or squeeze a flame / The ones who make others hollow / Are the only ones that’s right to blame”. An explosive tune, driven by the frenzy of electronic rhythms and an exalted vocal performance that dances freely between sensitive passion and aggressive explosiveness somewhere between BjörkPortishead and Thom YorkeFirewood is a celebration for those who have returned from the dark of the wound. It is a song about the power of healing, letting you release your inhibitions and sink into peace and unity with yourself. Unfold will be out on Feb 17 and we will follow up with a more in-depth talk with the artist herself, so make sure watch out for that.

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