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— Daily Tune 04/01/2023

“Something Good” by Tuvaband Is The Mellow Mood-Lifter The World Needs Right Now

A new year is always connected to a reset and the hope for a better future. Following the turbulent past years I think we all cross fingers for that to happen but reality got a way of messing with these plans in a very consequent way. In many regards the moody and melancholic Something Good by beloved Norwegian artist Tuvaband might be the most accurate tune for that current feeling. It is a restrained uplifting anthem that still swims in melancholy waters while the song’s protagonist sings against all the obstacles that might prevent you from being happy. “I do believe that something good is gonna happen” is the soulful credo that sticks with it. Pop nerds might sense the little nod to Kate Bush‘s iconic 1985 tune Cloudbusting which directly influenced the creation of this song almost four decades later.

During the high times (and low points) of the pandemic Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser listened to this song among other optimistic pop tunes in order to remain hopeful. And in the case of Bush’s track Tuva really wanted the infamous line Ooh, I just know that something good is gonna happen” to appear way more often … so she created her own tribute track in the distinctive Tuvaband style. Something Good is a song that works like a warm blanket on cold and hopeless winter days. It also previews the artist’s anticipated new album New Orders which is set to arrive on January 20.

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