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— Daily Tune 14/03/2022

Ailsa Tully Floats In Between Past And Future In Flickering “Salt Glaze”

Following last year’s Holy Isle EP, Welsh singer-songwriter Ailsa Tully is back with her new single Salt Glaze, which is both an eerie and delightful affair. As a dramatic array of strings and guitars gives way to Tully‘s frail vocal performance, that maintains an emotional tension up to the end of the piece. Firmly dwelling in the spaces of her grandmother’s house, as the artist explains, the song is both an invitation for reminiscence, as it is a vital and dynamic blow to look ahead into the future. “My Grandma passed away a few years ago and the house remained unchanged, it was like a museum of salt glaze ceramics and abstract art pieces which began to absorb into my creativity,” Tully explained prior to the release. “This song is about that space and how my partner and I tried to make it feel like home during that period while also knowing that it wasn’t ours. It’s ultimately a song about acceptance, balance and letting things be.” Tune into the gem right in the box above.


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