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— Daily Tune 25/03/2022

Indie Newcomers Roller Derby Take A Turn To Goth-Territory On Intense Single “Starry-Eyed”

Hamburg-based indie pop three-piece Roller Derby crossed our paths a few times before in 2021, thanks to such charming tracks like Something True and Underwater and it’s a joy to see them grow which every release. Their latest single Starry-Eyed sees Philine Meyer (vocals, keys), Manuel Romero Soria (guitar) and Max Nielsen (bass) take a turn towards slightly darker 80s wave pop territory. Somewhere between the harmonies of their earlier work and an edgier, more intense post-punk sound the track finds just the right sweet spot to trigger all fellow lovers of sweet goth pop vibes. As Roller Derby address the feeling of losing emotional access to your partner and suffering from the indifference of the other person this new direction makes far too much sense and we’re pretty sure to see more from the trio in the upcoming months.

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