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— Daily Tune 02/11/2021

Roller Derby Unfold Three Minutes Of Nostalgic Dream Pop Bliss On “Something True”

We first met Hamburg-based indie pop three-piece Roller Derby back in June when their tempting single Underwater put a big smile upon our face. Turns out that wasn’t a lucky shot at all since their latest release follows a similar path. But this time the delightful Something True is even more romantic and heart-warming. Expect lots of strings and that special Nouvelle Vague flair (parts of it are song in French) that is also sensible in the music video which director Gustavo Tissot shot in Rio De Janeiro. It’s a very poetic approach and truly a lovely little musical daydream that warms our hearts on a cold autumn day like today. Lovers of groups like Real Estate, TOPS or Alvvays should keep the Roller Derby gang on their radar.

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