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— Daily Tune 23/03/2022

Inescapable Indie-Pop Trio MUNA Unravels Mighty New Smash Hit “Anything But Me”

As some of you might remember the ever-charming Phoebe Bridgers not only saved us with her music throughout the major part of the pandemic but also launched her own record label Saddest Factory Records. MUNA from Los Angeles were one of the first signings and following last year’s irresistibly hit single Silk Chiffon (which was one of our favourite songs of 2021) they now finally return with an equally addictive follow-up. Anything But Me follows that sweet early 00s college pop/rock vibe and comes with a pumping bass line, a catchy hook and three protagonists that got quite an overdose of charisma. According to the band the track is about leaving a partnership because it doesn’t feel right. “It’s about trusting yourself and your instincts enough to walk away from someone while you still have love for each other and before it gets too bad,” they say in a press release and Anything But Me definitely spreads a lot of that ‘independent woman’ spirit. The self-titled MUNA debut LP is set to drop on June 24, so you better make sure to soundtrack your summer with these three.

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