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— Daily Tune 09/09/2021

MUNA Channel Early 00s Pop/Rock Vibes On Phoebe Bridgers-featuring “Silk Chiffon”

The whole pandemic has been a rollercoaster ride of various emotions but thank god we got Phoebe Bridgers to guide us through it all. Honestly, she’s been everywhere, right? Well, their could be worse guiding lights than her, right? One thing she also did last winter was launching her own record label, Saddest Factoy Records. Following the wonderul Claud, Los Angeles-based MUNA were the second act to sign to the imprint and Silk Chiffon is the first single we’re getting from them since that happened. And damn, what an instant hit it is. The trio consisting of Katie Gavin, Naomi McPherson and Josette Maskin unfolds a slightly kitschy piece of pop/rock that follows the current trend to channel the early 00s college pop/rock of artists like Avril Lavigne. So yeah, Silk Chiffon perfectly fits into the category of Pale Waves and Olivia Rodrigo and if you share a little bit of love for that sound your heart will fill with a warm dose of sweet nostalgia. According to the band it’s “a song for kids to have their first gay kiss to” and that also explains the whole College movie set up of the music video. And – of course – the label CEO also plays a part in it. With or without Mrs. Bridgers – it looks like a movie happy ending for the MUNA gang.

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