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— Daily Tune 01/12/2020

Matilda Mann’s “Paper Mache World” Is A Soothing And Passionate Affair

20-year-old London talent Matilda Mann has just released her new EP Because I Wanted You To Know and the virtuous Paper Mache World sets the dashing pulse to the soothing harmonies that the young songwriter has created on here. In barely three minutes that go by in the manner of a heartbeat, Ms. Mann, with a voice that recalls the likes of Joni Mitchell or Laura Marling, lures into a calming sense of sound, in front of sonic façades at once gentle and demanding. She holds that balance all the way through a tune lost deep in the emotions of fumbling around in a world ever so fragile and inevitably changing. Despite all dark sentiment, the bright light of adventure and peaceful resilience shines through the tune, making it a sincere, even joyous affair. Give this gem a good spin and stay tuned for more of this sparkling artist.

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