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— Daily Tune 29/10/2018

Satanic Ritual Abuse – ‘I.L.Y’

Satanic Ritual Abuse is the musical project of Memorials Of Distinction head honcho Josh Cohen, who’s released artists like Allison’s Gate and more on the English label. Now he’s stepping out with his own music, with recordings that have their roots in his home tapes from between 2009 and 2014. I.L.Y is the first single, a cold, cavernous creature that sounds like the lounge music of the catacombs. Rock music gone delirious, its buzzsaw guitars, monstrous echo and vocals whispering from the void make it a creeping, haunting experience that stands somewhere between Portishead and Salem in genre territory. It’s part of Satanic Ritual Abuse’s new album Hurting, out on November 30.

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