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— Daily Tune 25/10/2018

Helena Deland – ‘Claudion’

Helena Deland‘s Altogether Unaccompanied series of releases has seen her take steps in multiple stylistic directions, from the slow-burning weight of Take It All and Lean On You to the moonlit country-pop of There Are A Thousand. Instalments III and IV landed last Friday, so it’s a good time to revisit Claudion, the lead single from IV. And it showcases yet another side of what she’s capable of. Deland’s majestically layered, hushed-tone narrative plays out over soft-touch electronica, new musical clothes for her striking, captivating songwriting. What makes her work stand out is the way she weaves songs like tapestries, with multiple different elements woven together to make a perfect whole, in complete union in the song’s hypnotic world. Altogether Unaccompanied I-IV is out now, and Deland plays Berlin on Sunday at Maze.

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