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— Daily Tune 16/10/2018

MORSE – ‘Cotton On Your Skin’

Sometimes a music video idea that appears to be really simple is not just the more entertaining one but can also work on a more complex level than one might think in the first place. The clip for Cotton On Your Skin by Swiss artist MORSE is such a video. The scenery itself – someone dancing alone in his appartment with the camera slowly zooming in – appears to be quite simple. But than you realize that the video resembles the paining Paris, Montparnasse, made by Andreas Gursky in 1993. And suddenly the meaning shifts to something more substantial. Musically the track is a slow grooving piece of sinister neo R&B in the style of SOHN and Nick Murphy. The use of the harmonica however is a lovely twist which you don’t get to see that often in contemporary pop. It’s a great audiovisual experience and hopefully we get more from Morse in the not so distant future.

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