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— Daily Tune 30/10/2018

Benz- ‘The Smile’

I honestly hope that Benz got a good lawyer in case that famous car company isn’t interesting in sharing its brand name with her. On the other hand The Smile might be the best thing associated with that name in years. At least for me. Benz is the alias of Ebba Salomonsson, from Norrköping, Sweden and The Smile is one hell of an impressive debut single. The uplifting yet very dreamy piece is a gentle song about loss and longing for something that’s not present anymore and it works even better when you watch the accompanying music video for it. Directed by Ebba Gustafsson Ågren of beloved Swedish duo Wy the clip focusses on a road trip between two good friends who might become more than that over the course of this journey. The cinematic and slightly hazy images underline the melancholic reflection of the song that also takes an optimistic look into the future. It’s a musical exclamation mark that definitely makes me long for more from Benz. Her debut EP Erazor is set for a spring release in 2019.

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