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— Daily Tune 02/10/2018

Jouska – ‘Pills’

Having spotted them out in the wild last month (i.e. saw them playing live at Vill Vill Vest), Oslo duo Jouska (Marit Othilie Thorvik and Hans Olav Settem) stuck in our heads for their Kero Kero Bonito-esque oddball pop. And now they’re back with a new single. Pills goes less in for the candyshop gloopy weirdness of some of their other work. Instead, it’s a soft, gentle piece of slow-dreaming, skewed pop music, Thorvik’s voice gracefully and wistfully floating over a kaleidoscopic landscape of synths and samples. There’s even a little hint of it being what a less demonic version of Salem would sound like. It’s a sweet, pretty song (a prettiness that smuggles the numbing bleakness of its lyrical subjects past the listener’s immediate attention) that’s an example of what one of the most interesting new bands around can do – keep an eye out for Jouska, who have an album on the way next year.

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