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— Daily Tune 17/10/2018

Sabine Women – ‘Venus Is Burning’

We brought you news of Jonathan Södergren’s Sabine Women back in April, and now they’re back with a new single. Venus Is Burning. Thematically, Venus follows on with the gothic romanticism of their earlier, and pairs it with a musical backdrop of luxurious gloom-indie. The twelve-string signature we spoke about before is given a little extra polish and sheen by dabs of saxophone, and the chorus has the most power and swagger they’ve ever brought to a song. They still sound like a band who’s greatest ambition is to translate late 19th century novels to music, and on Venus Is Burning they get as close as you can possibly get. Södergren says ‘Venus Is Burning’ is perhaps the closest to a Jonatan Södergren solo song that Sabine Women has come so far. Previously, at least some melodies or bass lines have been inspired by my back-up band. But this time I wrote every single note myself’. It’s out now.

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