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— Daily Tune 10/10/2018

Wargirl – ‘Poison’

A few weeks ago we debuted our beloved ‘Palms & Circumstances‘ show live on stage at this year’s Reeperbahn Festival. It’s been a crazy ride and we can’t wait to share first material from those nights with you. One of the band’s that came by was Long Beach-based collective Wargirl and damn, those six people knew how to pull up a great performance. One impression remained from that chaotic night: Wargirl really enjoy playing together as a band. That playfulness is also sensible on their latest single Poison which is a funky piece of soulful 80s-infected wave pop. It sounds a bit different than Start A Fire which we already featured here in early 2017 but they simply love to play with your expectations. The upcoming debut LP WARGIRL (out on October 26 via Clouds Hill) definitely shakes things up as the band presents a wild mixture of post-punk, pop, afrobeat, dub and other influences you wouldn’t expect in the first place. The festival stages of 2019 better make some room for these folks.

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