We all remember the good old ‘painting by numbers’ principle from our childhood days, right? And how could that principle look and feel like if you take it to a more elaborate level and include music in it? Palms & Circumstances is taking the idea to a level of ‘composing by scenarios’ level, confronting talented artists from various musical fields with more or less specific settings while triggering their emotions and their improvising skills. How would you compose the music to an imaginary day on a unicorn farm, for example?

That odd setting pretty much sums up the idea behind Palms & Circumstances, this unique video format of NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. It is crafted together with acclaimed video artists Schall & Schnabel as well as digital communication agency SUPERUNKNOWN which is closely connected to NBHAP. We are all based in the cosy ‘Hannelore Dreist‘, a creative hub in the heart of Berlin, dedicated to do things a bit differently and more daring. Grown out of the wish to work with each other on collaborative projects and fired by being tired and bored of all the countless replaceable session and video format ideas, we made this little thing happen.

More episodes of Palms & Circumstances will appear over the next months. The first episode stars the beloved German neo-classic composer Martin Kohlstedt while a second one brings us the delightful Kat Frankie who spontaneously improvised full songs around her circumstances. Artists like Christian Löffler and Lydmor however got a different approach to it. Needless to say that this is must-watch material. We also took it to Reeperbahn Festival 2018 for even more entertaining sessions which you can explore right here. If you like what you see, please spread the word and share it around and also visit our Palms & Circumstances website.

Episode 08. Kevin Garrett

Episode 07. Ten Fé

Episode 06. Lydmor

Episode 05. Christian Löffler

Episode 04. To Kill A King

Episode 03. Niklas Paschburg

Episode 02. Kat Frankie

Episode 01. Martin Kohlstedt

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