You’ve seen our first Palms & Circumstances already, right? Cool, then you know what we’re talking about here. When we approached Hamburg’s established Reeperbahn Festival with the slightly ridiculous idea to turn this show into a live set-up we somehow expected a polite but clear decline. But no, others appear to like our spontaneous songwriting session as much as we do. And only a few months later and following a way more difficult organizational effort than originally expected we found ourselves on the stage at the Reeperbahn Festival. Well, more precisely on the stage of the tiny L’tur travel office which welcomed us with open arms and all the hospitality we could have wished for. It’s actually a pretty fitting venue for the show as well.

We asked six bands and artists from various musical fields to come by, take a seat at our cosy couch and see what our almighty Casio keyboard is capable of. Needless to say, it became a really entertaining experience in which everybody managed to turn the original idea into their very own show concept. Danish synthpop dynamite WhoMadeWho are the band to make the start, followed by Austrian shooting stars At Pavillon and former Me And My Drummer leading lady Charlotte Brandi who just launched her solo career and is up for great things throughout 2019.

More episodes featuring Blackberries, , Darwin Deez and WARGIRL will follow right here in the next months. Once again Palms & Circumstances was crafted together with acclaimed video artists Schall & Schnabel as well as our digital communication agency SUPERUNKNOWN. Thanks to the Reeperbahn Festival, the L’tur travel office and the people from 25p cine support to make this thing actually happen. It was a blast. And now, enjoy the show, kids!

Episode #03. Charlotte Brandi

Episode #02. At Pavillon

Episode #01. WhoMadWho

More episodes will arrive over the next weeks and months right here.

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