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— Daily Tune 31/10/2018

Nic Pool – ‘Rockets’

For a lot of young boys becoming an astronaut is on top of the future job wishlist at least once in their life. At least it was for me when I was probably around 5 or 6 and for Nic Pool from Tucson, Ariz that childish longing even turned into a song, fittingly titled Rocket. He explains: ‘Growing up no one really understood me, even in my own family, and my imagination was just on fire from a very young age.’ Rockets is an ode to the power of imagination, dreaming and his obession for space back then. It’s a track that combines soulful, contemporary pop with a quite traditional singer/songwriter appeal, grounding it in the here and now despite the very intergalactic theme of the track. It’s a blissful piece of pop Nic Pool delivers with this one and I surely hope it’ll help him to reach the stars (metaphorically).

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