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— Daily Tune 11/10/2018

Misty Coast – ‘Eleven Months’

Alright, so good news straight out of the block: Norway’s Misty Coast are back with a brand new single. Eleven Months shares a lot with the style of music on their self-titled, 2017 debut record – there’s fuzz and scuzz on the guitar and vocals soaked in effects. But it feels sharper and meaner than most of the songs on their debut, a faster, more aggressive take on the Misty Coast space-rock sound. That all melts into a piece of slick, smart alt-rock, with a chorus that’s intoxicating with a little menacing edge. Listen now, and watch out for a new album called Melodaze out on January 25. You can also check out a new video for the track. The band say: ‘The music video was filmed in 15 hours, during one cold February day in Berlin. It started off at dawn in the Botanical Garden, via the plains of Grunewald, sunset at Tempelhof and ended within the Kreuzberg nightlife. The film was shot with a 16mm Arri SRII camera by Carlos Vasquez and Sorina Reiber from Blank Blank Film. Eleven Months finally arrives in the forest of Grunewald, right next to Nico’s grave.’

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