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— Daily Tune 22/10/2018

Chez Ali – ‘Adore You’

When Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes member Elias Mahfoud debuted as solo artist Chez Ali earlier this year with the single Blue Cheese, it seemed he had gone in for moon-gazing, low-light crooner pop as his new expressive toy. On his second single, Adore You however, he pivots in a whole new direction. Adore You re-purposes his affection for jangling guitars for a piece of swashbuckling, matador indie rock. Mahfoud builds himself a world of nimble, restless guitar pop, that skitters and dances constantly and refuses to stay in the same space, and uses that as the background for his troubadour charisma to play in, as he tells a story that begins at a rooftop party, as all the best ones do. ‘Adore You is about looking back on an initial meeting with a special someone’, he says, ‘to the point that you’re almost obsessed – and the thought of your next meeting brings excitement and energy to your life’. Adore You is out now on Rama Lama Records, with a debut EP, Buenas Noches Club, out on November 9.

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