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— Daily Tune 23/10/2018

VAGUE – ‘Hey Johnny’

Rule number one: If you try to sound like your musical role models you better make it good! And VAGUE from Vienna and Berlin surely did. The band sounds exactly like a lost new wave/ post-punk record from 1985, carefully channelling the vibes of Echo & The Bunnymen, The Smiths and The Psychedelic Furs. Hey Johnny got that dirty and rough spirit that combines beauty with imperfection. It’s the sound of the misfits, a melancholic anthem that should immediately fill your old indie heart with excitement. It’s dark magic these guys are delivering right here. A full album by the name Land has been released via Siluh Records this summer and hopefully there’s a not so … ehm… vague chance that you’ll give it a spin after listening to this one. VAGUE are also about to start a short European tour, so don’t miss that as well.

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