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— Daily Tune 04/10/2018

Tella Viv – ‘Bang Boom Crash’

Like a disco ball falling down the stairs, Tella Viv‘s new sound is Bang Boom Crash. The Stockholm four-piece are freshly signed-up to a new label, Bolero Recordings, and have launched their new era with new single Bang Boom Crash. It uses the band’s usual flair for jagged, rapid-fire guitar riffs, re-purposed to make a breezy, snappy, surfing rock song that sounds like the band having fun at full-speed. Lyrically, vocalist Carl Hjelm Sandqvist plays around with the waves of triumph and disaster the culture world loves to set its disposable protagonists sailing on: ‘Bang boom crash! It’s a sound that you better get used to’. He says: The song portrays the culture world’s constant thirst for scapegoats and anti-heroes. ‘It’s an attempt to capture success and downfall at the same time’. It’s out now, and watch out for more from the band later this year.