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— Daily Tune 19/10/2018

Adam Naas – ‘Strange Love’

Sometimes it seems way too obvious when potential upcoming superstar material crosses your way. French soul singer Adam Naas comes exactly with that aura – he’s got thar special charisma, the right songs and one hell of a voice. Placing himself right in the middle between Rhye‘s Mike Milosh and – let’s say – Macy Gray his distinctive vocal performances lifts his gentle soul pop to a different level. There’s also a bit Prince I’m sensing in here. His freshly released debut LP goes by the title The Love Album which sounds way less spectacular than its actual musical content. Strange Love is one of the record’s strongest moments and the reduced live performance underlines the track’s sexy and stylish nature. That’s contemporary pop we can all get behind, right? And it’s probably not the last time we heard from Adam Naas.

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