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— Daily Tune 03/10/2018

1000 GRAM – ‘Don’t Mind / Will Abide’

We last told you about Berlin-based lo-fi rockers 1000 GRAM back in May when they returned with their fuzzy single Daydream. Today, we’d like to recommend you the band around leading man Moritz Lieberkühn once again thanks to their pretty epic new single Don’t Mind / Will Abide. It might start like a tender ballad but over the course of its five-minute-long run it turns into a grungy alternative epos with almost psychedelic effect. That’s one of the great things 1000 GRAM are capable of – they make hopelessly old-fashioned guitar music that could have also been released 25 years ago in that form. One might call that boring but it’s actually quite hard to do that in such a fitting and ‘true’-sounding way. Don’t Mind / Will Abide is a timeless ode to the dirty charm of independent rock music and if you want more from this: The band recently released their new LP By All Dreams Necessary which is packed with even more fuzzy delicacies.

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