21 Hottest Acts At SPOT Festival 2013

NBHAP and NBN chose “The 21 Hottest Acts At SPOT Festival 2013”

NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION will attend this year’s SPOT FESTIVAL in Århus, Denmark. At the festival tons of artists and bands will play showcase concerts. But what are the hottest acts at SPOT Festival 2013? We decided to sit down with the girls from Nordic By Nature and do a list of The 21 Hottest Acts at SPOT Festival 2013.

Nordic by Nature picked their Top of the Pops at Spot Festival 2013! Defined are all artists by being new, good and of course extremely hot looking in real life. For example DINNER, who is somehow the Danish male version of SCARLETT JOHANSSON and sings with his black furious soul. DINNER‘s songs are about girls, destruction and the divine feminine, as he told in an interview with NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. Nordic by Nature about DINNER: „First time we met Anders, we thought the air is out. We had to take a deep breath to realize that this is actually reality“. Cæcilie Trier from CHOIR OF YOUNG BELIEVERS and CHIMES & BELLS will be enchanting people at SPOT Festival. Her new solo project CTM is a must see. The artwork says a lot about her music: artsy and poppy at the same time, “just like sex music” (Nordic by Nature). Good looking hippies is another band, HALASAN BAZAR. These five Danes bring the good times on Haight Ashbury right to Århus and make Nordic by Nature wanna wear their head bands all over again and put on sunglasses in the dark. Let’s see! And then… the girls are looking forward to seeing this bloody young handsome singer-songwriter named SCHULTZ AND FOREVER with skills they can’t deal with. „We get actual goosebumps when he stands on stage with his guitar. We just can’t handle it, it’s embarrassing.“ To go on in the list there will be a bunch of other artists Nordic by Nature can’t wait for with names like SLOWOLF, SO-SO ECHO, LULU ROUGE, THE WANDS and YAST. „We haven’t seen any of those last mentioned creatures live yet, so this is a very dark forecast. But as we know Danes and their SPOT Festival, it will be fantastic. Nordic by Nature will bring the Jägermeister. See you!“

NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION of course agrees on the choices Nordic by Nature did and found out about even more acts that are a must-see, that are worth checking out and that should be spotted on. For example CODY who shortly released their new album . Fractures. INDIANS, TURBOWEEKEND, HIGHASAKITE and BROKEN TWIN already blew us several times (e.g. at Eurosonic Festival in Groningen, Netherlands), will surely be amazing again at SPOT Festival 2013. BABY IN VAIN have already been named “Sound Of The Day” on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION and will definitely be worth checking out. The folk band GOLDEN KANINE is another one that we have on our list. And last but not least EINAR STRAY, KADIE ELDER, ANE TROLLE and KRISTINA RENÉE are acts that we’ll have a close look at, too.

But how can we be sure about the best acts? We just made a decision for now, but we’ll surely find out about more acts that are worth. We’ll let you know right after SPOT Festival 2013. And so the playlist ends with VINNIE WHO‘s song How Can I Be Sure.

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The 21 Hottest Acts at SPOT Festival 2013

01. CODY – Mirror
02. DINNER – Girl
03. HIGHASAKITE – My Soldier
04. CTM – Jewel
05. THE WANDS – Hello I Know The Blow You Grow Is Magic
06. ANE TROLLE – Dead Soul
07. HALASAN BAZAR – Sometimes Happy, Sometimes Sad
08. LULU ROUGE – Sign Me Out
09. INDIANS – Magic Kids
10. SLOWOLF – See U In My Dreams
11. BROKEN TWIN – Beaches
12. SO-SO ECHO – Imaginary Worlds
13. KRISTINA RENÉE – Copenhagen Winter
14. YAST – Stupid
15. GOLDEN KANINE – Burial
18. BABY IN VAIN – Machine Gun Girl
19. KADIE ELDER – Widen Rift
20. EINAR STRAY – Arrows
21. VINNIE WHO – How Can I Be Sure