A Mote Of Dust - 2015 - video still

Just in case that the magnificent whispering of Craig B and his new solo project A MOTE OF DUST didn’t get through to you yet in all that daily noise we drown in, we are here to remind you. A few days ago the former singer of AEREOGRAMME and THE UNWINDING HOURS released his self-titled solo effort as A MOTE OF DUST. A first track called Wolves in the Valley was premiered earlier, already accompanied by a beautiful video. Well, for everyone who isn’t fed up by CRAIG B’s voice yet and who can’t get enough of some aptly shot images for his songs: We’ve got something for you. Enjoy A MOTE OF DUST‘s brandnew video for the album highlight Cracks In The Mirror exclusively premiering on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION below.

The clip, directed by Raych Campbell & Stuart Downie, follows the daily routine of two anonymous hands that somehow always get back to the attempt of writing something down. Along with the song’s lyrics contemplating on that This thing’s gonna kill you, before you let go, it’s a subtle and beautifully captured meditation on the daily struggle of someone creative, as Craig B himself points out:

It’s meant to represent the passing of time and the contemplation of whether to continue trying to be creative or to decide it’s time to give up. The line “You need to let go” can be read in various different ways though and so the ending of the video is is meant to feel quite ambiguous.

Enjoy the clip right here and brace yourself for the upcoming shows of A MOTE OF DUST in Germany as listed below.


A Mote Of Dust – German Tourdates 2016
15.01.2016 – DE – Düsseldorf – Kassette
16.01.2016 – DE – München – Strom
21.01.2016 – DE – Chemnitz – Aaltra
22.01.2016 – DE – Leipzig – Nato
23.01.2016 – DE – Hamburg – Kleiner Donner
24.01.2016 – DE – Münster – Fachwerk Gievenbeck