A Mote Of Dust - 2015_3

It’s been good news last year, not only for fans of the unforgotten AEREOGRAMME and THE UNWINDING HOURS: Craig B, voice of both projects and vital member of the Scottish underground music scene for years, recorded a solo album under the moniker A MOTE OF DUST. That very album reminded us that it simply feels good to have someone like Craig B in our lives. A man, ready to follow through his vision no matter the trends and not caring too much about the commercial success of it all. There’s no doubt that his art keeps on inspiring people. Another proof of that comes with a fresh remix of the track The Work Of Our Hands, off the aforementioned debut album of A MOTE OF DUST. Listen to it in an exclusive premiere for NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION below.

The remix, done by the producer and sound engineer Will Benoit, elevates the already up-tempo track into rather epic regions. All with synths, additional voices and driving beats. Actually, it’s just doing the inherent epicness of the tune justice. Benoit, who is self-releasing his music under the name LIVING PHANTOMS has been loosely connected with legendary Post-Metal band JESU back in the days but made himself known lately for his remixes of everything from pop starlet ELLIE GOULDING to post-rock outfit CASPIAN. An obviously open mind that did some fine work here. Enjoy The Work Of Our Hands in the LIVING PHANTOMS remix. And if you’re anywhere nearby, don’t forget to join Craig B on one of his upcoming A MOTE OF DUST-concerts, all of them listed below.

A Mote Of Dust – Live 2016
14.01. – NL – Den Bosch – W2 Cafe
15.01. – DE – Düsseldorf – Kassette
16.01. – DE – München – Strom
17.01. – DE – Stuttgart – Café Galao
18.01. – DE – Offenbach – Hafen 2
19.01. – DE – Cologne – Die Wohngemeinschaft
21.01. – DE – Chemnitz – Aaltra
22.01. – DE – Leipzig – Nato
23.01. – DE – Hamburg – Kleiner Donner
24.01. – DE – Münster – Fachwerk Gievenbeck
30.01. – UK – Aberdeen – The Society of Advocates Library (SOLD OUT)
31.01. – UK – Glasgow – Hug and Pint