Photo by Christian Faustus.

Eight months ago, ABAY released their critically acclaimed debut album Everything’s Amazing And Nobody Is Happy. Now, indie rock institution Aydo Abay (whom we dedicated an extensive feature to in 2015) and his lads return with brand new material. There is no doubt that NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION stay huge fans of Abay’s haunting voice, his personal back catalogue that never seems to grow old as well as the musician’s habit to produce clever cover versions even ABBA can’t resist. Therefore, we are proud to premiere Abay’s latest treat that brings us an interpretation of Paradise Circus as part of a 10” release on golden vinyl including further cover versions such as Angels (THE XX) and the much appreciated SCOOTER medley Always Hardcore. Whereas MASSIVE ATTACK’s very own version has an almost cinematic feel to it, ABAY add a touch of innocent and raw youth to the trip hop band’s instant classic. Starting with quiet piano tunes, the melody is soon accompanied by a package of intense guitars and a sweet glockenspiel at the end. Aydo comments:

‘We had the feeling that we could add something new to the original version. Not that Paradise Circus needs it. Still, I think we managed to achieve our aim with the cover version.’

The accompanying video clip is beautifully shot in black and white by the two art students Laura Gaiser and Lea Gocht and can be watched below. Artists wearing costumes and makeup merge with sketched drawings and hazy lights in the back. But it is the intense impressions on the figure’s faces that truly justify a closer look. The mimics of the depicted artists appear to be as deep and meaningful as the song itself. Judging from past statements, video clips remain an important and crucial aspect of Abay’s presentation of new music:

‘In my opinion, video clips are works of art and they’ve always been important.’

NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION says rightly so and is glad to premiere ABAY‘s new video clip:

ABAY’s first collection of cover versions entitled Conversion, Vol. 1 is out on Record Store Day (April 22) and limited to 500 copies worldwide.