Active Child - Evening CeremonyPat Grossi and his alter ego ACTIVE CHILD have always been a familiar sound and voice to guide us from NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION through darkness and uncertain territory. It’s a voice straight from heaven – and a musician who also uses the instrument of heaven, the harp. Quite fitting. And what fits even better – out of nothing and without further information Grossi dropped a new song tonight. And since it is called Evening Ceremony there is no way on earth this song can’t be our Sound Of The Night today.

It’s like the embracing return of an old friend – Grossi’s tender vocals, his harp play and the dreamy chillwave atmosphere his music creates. We really hope this is just the beginning of new ACTIVE CHILD material in 2013. The time is right for a follow-up from 2011’s You Are All I See. Until this happens we sit and wait patiently for his return while celebrating the Evening Ceremony. This is the sound of heaven – and the right one for tonight.