Anatopia - 2015 Press

Okay, question of the day: isn’t it about time to give electroclash another revival? You know, filthy synthesizer sounds, excentric performances and a little amount of chaos? Isn’t it too much to task for a little punk flavor to the good old-fashioned 80s synthpop recipe? Thank god we are facing Berlin-based duo ANATOPIA today. Henrietta Morgenstern and Klaus Plötzlich bring just the right amount of turbulence to our cozy Friday as they unfold their wicked new music video Heart Drive.

The timing couldn’t be better as the two-piece, who originally met at art school in Amsterdam, is releasing its debut album User Experience today via Snowhite/ Rough Trade Distribution. The album is a dedication to the computer and a partly critical, partly ironic tribute to its influence in our lives. The songs are about Edward Snowden, Julien Assange and Tom from MySpace (the older ones of you might remember that fella, right?). A crazy concept record and ANATOPIA are living this idea.

And that’s what Heart Drive is all about. Witness a colourful performance of the two musicians and be ready to unleash a bit chaos on your computer screen. You are happily invited to turn it off afterwards but first enjoy the video premiere right here.