Björk - 2012

In the release of his new music video Thievery buzzing Venezuelan producer Alejandro Ghersi aka ARCA has been revealed as the official producer for the forthcoming new studio album by Icelandic goddess BJÖRK. A new cover feature for FADER quotes: ‘Ghersi has completed work as the sole producer of another very anticipated pop album: a new full-length from BJÖRK, whose phantasmagoric, synth-pop power ballads from the early ’00s now feel eerily prescient of Ghersi’s rubbery approach to sonics.‘ The producer later corected this quote via Twitter: ‘Just to clarify! Rather than ‘sole producing,’ BJÖRK and I are coproducing music together.

He’s mostly known for his recent production work on KANYE WEST‘s Yeezus album and the debut longplayer by FKA TWIGS. On November the 3rd ARCA will also release his solo debut Xen via Mute Records. As we wait for more details on the new BJÖRK album why not enjoying his brand new video Thievery right here?