José Gonzalez - 2014 - Photo by Malin Johansson

José González – Photo by Malin Johansson

As most of you might know beloved Swedish songwriter JOSÉ GONZÁLEZ is about to release a new album next year. Vestiges & Claws will be out on February the 17th via Mute (North America), Imperial (EU), Peace Frog (UK), and Shock (AU/NZ). It’s also marks his first full-length solo LP in eight long years.

As you can imagine there’s a couple of questions raising right here. From the work of his band JUNIP and his recent soundtrack work to the spaced-out music video for Every Age. And NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION gives YOU the chance to ask your very own questions to JOSÉ GONZÁLEZ. We’re meeting up with the lovely Swede next week and we’re happy to have your questions involved in the interview as well. Just fill out the box below. We’re looking forward to each and everybody’s questions.

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