Band Of Horses - 2016

Ben Bridwell and his BAND OF HORSES are back with Casual Party, a first song off the band’s long awaited new LP. Why Are You OK follows 2013’s Mirage Rock and arrives this June. It was produced by GRANDADDY Jason Lytle and also executive produced by the one and only Rick Rubin, so that might result in a certain quality. A new press release states on how this happened:

While [Ben] Bridwell and his bandmates–Tyler Ramsey, Ryan Monroe, Creighton Barrett and Bill Reynolds—convened in South Carolina alongside producer Jason Lytle (Grandaddy), Bridwell struggled to bring the new material into focus. One day, at a particularly crucial part of the recording process Ben’s phone rang. It was Rick Rubin—who’d randomly heard a Band of Horses song on the radio during a drive, and had been moved to pull over and call. Without going into details, Bridwell can’t stress the value of this phone call enough. It was exactly the final push that his songs needed on their journey from conception to being sent out into the world.

You can stream the new song Casual Party right here.