Artists come and go. And although we live in an age where a split-up quite often results in a comeback a few years later it’s always bittersweet to say ‘Goodbye’, at least to a certain degree. A lot of bands said farewell this year and here are six of them which NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION will miss the most.


Korallreven 2014

Marcus Joons and Daniel Tjäder have been old favourites of us ever since their early days. If you ever feel the urge to listen to dreamy and tropical synthpop we strongly recommend you their 2011 debut An Album By Korallreven which was inspired by the musical culture of Samoa. Last year’s follow-up Second Comin’ was a bit more uplifting but not as good as their debut. Still, KORALLREVEN will be missed


Seapony - 2015

Although the Seattle-based surf pop band released a satisfying third full-length this summer they announced the end of SEAPONY shortly after that. The band around charismatic singer Jenny Weidl was always a good choice when you needed a soundtrack to a smooth summer day at the beach or garden. It’s never too late to discover them, especially for the next summer season.

Noah And The Whale

Noah And The Whale - Press 2013

It’s kind of a shame that NOAH AND THE WHALE didn’t get the spot of the catchy indie folk band that MUMFORD & SONS later covered up ’cause they truly desevered a bit more attention. But not all of those buzzing 00’s indie bands can stick around forever, right?

Team Me

Team Me - Photo by Arnfinn Johnsen

Photo by Arnfinn Johnsen

The Norwegian power-pop ensemble delivered anthems that were as powerful as the ones by ARCADE FIRE and as heavy as track by MEW. For a debut record 2012’s To The Treetops! sounded pretty mature and confident. Same goes for the follow-up Blind As Night. Maybe TEAM ME weren’t meant to last forever and it also feels as if their sound reached a natural conclusion after only two records. Those things can happen, indeed.



Leicester-based MAYBESHEWILL was an institution when it comes to atmospheric and ambitious post rock. After four strong albums and ten years on the road they are currently saying ‘Goodbye’ in form of a farewell tour. It’s the final chance to get blown away by those sky-high guitar walls which has always been a mindblowing experience, we can tell you

Dry The River


After seven years and two studio albums indie folk outfit DRY THE RIVER announced its split earlier last month. They are about to release one final farewell EP called Hooves Of Doubt which arrives on December 25 via Transgressive Records. These guys have always been a joyful listening experience and we surely hope to hear more from some of the members in the future.