Bassnectar - NowUsually our ‘Sound of the Night’ on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is quite moody, sometimes even a bit gloomy and introspective. Okay, we get it. But as always, life can’t be just painted in one colour. Sometimes the night time offers a few more aspects. And sometimes these colours are flashy neon lights and the rhythm is a heavy club beat. Tonight is such a night were we’re taking a different approach. Maybe because it’s Wednesday and we almost made it to the weekend.

Here to provide the banging soundtrack for this occasion is the one and only Lorin Ashton aka BASSNECTAR. He’s the master when it comes to heavy build-ups, dirty rocking beats and epic breaks. Whether you’d like to call it EDM, dubstep, glitch or trap. Ashton never just focussed on one specific genre, he likes to balance between the boundaries. His new albm #NVSB arrives on June 24, today we bring you Now, his collaboration with RYE RYE. A true banger that shouts ‘Nightlife’ with each and every inch of his electronic structure. So, if you’d like to paint the night with different colours tonight be our guest to do it with BASSNECTAR.