Bill Fay - photo by Steve Gullick

Photo by Steve Gullick

Sometimes there is such a thing like “late justice”. After the music of London born singer and songwriter BILL FAY has been despised in the 70s and long after, it celebrated an unexpected comeback in the 90s, thanks to prominent fans like JEFF TWEEDY. But it wasn’t until 2012’s Life Is People, that FAY released new music. It was his first full-length in 41 (!) years. Now BILL FAY returns in an unusual pace, as he announced a new record called Who Is The Sender? for a release on April 27. This year! His fourth proper full-length will contain thirteen new songs that he himself refers to as being “alternative gospel”. Judging from War Machine, the first song of the record we get to hear, it’s quite an appropriate description. Beautiful, contemplative, passionate music from a noble mind. Listen to the tune right here and take a look at the tracklist below.

‘Who Is The Sender?’ – Tracklist

01. The Geese Are Flying Westward
02. War Machine
03. How Little?
04. Underneath the Sun
05. Something Else Ahead
06. Order of the Day
07. Who Is the Sender?
08. Freedom to Read
09. Bring It on Lord
10. A Page Incomplete
11. A Frail and Broken One
12. World of Life
13. I Hear You Calling (Studio Reunion)