The leaves are falling, the days are getting colder and shorter – yes, autumn is right here and winter is about to follow as well. And during thease colder moments (but also beyond that) you know that we love to switch on moody music to make this sometimes miserable life a bit less … or maybe even more miserable. ‘Being melancholic is a good thing‘, Danish musician Trentemøller recently said to us in an interview and there’s a certain truth in this. Melancholic people are more reflective, thoughtful and more empathic. And if the world needs something right now it’s indeed people like this. So, all melancholic minds are highly welcome to join a brand new update of our beloved Melancholic Moments Playlist on Spotify.

Once again, our moody selection features a mixture of old favourites but also brand new talent that deserves your spotlight. South African songwriter Lucy Kruger starts the selection and we can really recommend her fantastic new album. Other new artists you’ll find in here are Black Sea Dahu, Synne Sanden, Finn Ronsdorf, Of The Valley, Pieces Of Juno and this talented young lady named Billie Eilish you might have heard of. But of course we also had to add music from the haunting new Nick Cave record here as well as fresh material from Angel Olsen, Death Cab For Cutie, Big Thief, Devendra Banhart and Wilco. 100 songs, over seven hours of introspective sounds – we surely hope this selection will give you strength in its calming nature and will warm your hearts during the forthcoming cold months.