Welcome back to our weekly Listen Ahead playlist update, following a short break over the past week. And to have a return in style we decided to start our weekly pick of ten interesting songs by exciting newcomers with a banger. Swedish psychedelic rock outfit Phogg was already featured in the playlist a while ago but now they got a furious new single called Pearls that really deserves your attention.

The track feels like an ongoing battle between noisy chaotic moments and more tender melodies, delivering multiple twists and turns within the four minutes and ten seconds it lasts. You need special talent and a high level of musicality to combine such multiple musical ideas within one song but Phogg make it work, delivering a fascinating dynamic that really challenges the listener. So, if you happen to be a fan of groups like Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Ariel Pink these gentlemen should definitely be on your radar. Today we’re also happy to present you the arty music video for Pearls which the band describes with the following words:

“We shot the video in Valsta just outside of Stockholm in an art gallery which used to be a communal swimming pool. The whole place is super trippy and filled with art made by children and grown up adult-artists. We asked if we could film there and showed up one day in shorts and started filming. Only two of us were available during the only day we were allowed to film and we had a constant audience of suburban children and teens watching us dance around in short-shorts. Needles to say, it was really, really, really sweet.”

Phogg released their debut album Slices last year but a follow-up called Mofeto: Mashine Adamkosh is already scheduled for a release this fall.

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