New year, new music. That’s two things we always like to combine and the INTRODUCING concert series in Berlin is the place to be where you can first experience exciting new music live on stage at The Reed. Following successful first editions in 2018 the event series is back with more new music in 2019, presented by NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. And as always you don’t need to buy a ticket for this fancy celebration of music as this remains a free ‘guestlist-only’ affair and we got the final spots for it. More info at the bottom of this page. These are the three artists who’ll perform on February the 6h.


Manchester’s Geko is an artist for the here and now. Combining traditional UK Grime vibes with African and Arabic vibes his sound is a perfect testament of these modern times: fast, internationally and on point. So for those of you who are down for these vibes this might be your new favourite lad.


He’s not a girl, he doesn’t even share a great love for pizza (which we surely don’t get) but nevertheless: Liverpool-based musician Liam Brown picked this quite catchy name for his musical alter ego. Being one of the hottest new indie acts in the British underground Pizzagirl creates catchy odd little 80s-infected dream pop with the help of a thrown together flatpack mini studio out of his little bedroom in Aintree. That’s the spirit that never goes out of style.


Remember that name before everybody else will: Sofie Winterson‘s joyful indie-pop with psychedelic notion creates a cinematic world through atmospheric key sounds, electronic drums, reverbed guitars and her powerful and tender vocal performance. She freshly released her second album Sophia Electric via Excelsior Recordings and we are so damn ready to have our hearts melted with this beautiful music.

INTRODUCING is a guest-only event – so make sure you enlist on Please note that the capacity is limited, so make sure to arrive early.

The guestlist is now officially closed but don’t worry – NBHAP got the final free spots for you so please send us a mail to with the subject ‘INTRODUCING’ and your full name to get yourself on the guestlist.