Alex Jayne has her head in the clouds on the latest single release. Clouds is the UK-based artist’s dreamiest effort so far. Following 90s Dream and Backseat, this one is a more atmospheric affair. Alex Jayne’s clear vocals contrast the electric guitar riffs and the distortion of her voice on the chorus makes the notes sound as if they were echoing under the bright blue sky.

The dreamy track shows the singer’s observational songwriting skill as she describes the feeling of seemingly moving alone in one’s world. The stripped back instrumentation highlights the kaleidoscopic echoes of Jayne’s vocals and creates a feeling of nostalgia. With its elaborate soundscapes Clouds is the singer’s most personal alt-pop release so far and leaves a lingering taste of what else the artist might bring.

 “It’s that endless sense of summer where you’re so wrapped up in your world, you don’t notice the clouds above. Sometimes we question things that take life in a different direction, but in time you might see them in a new light.”

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