Bjork - Vulnicura - Press Shot

It looks like Icelandic pop goddess and recent Brit Award winner BJÖRK is aiming to release a quick follow-up to 2015’s Vulnicura. In a new Instagram post by TriAngle boss Robert Carolan he addresses the issue whether the artist is responsible for her own sound or not by simply saying:

‘She is the boss. 100 percent. She writes, produces, composes, sings. She might bring people in to facilitate her vision, but first and foremost it is HER vision.’

He furthermore adds that BJÖRK is already back in the studio to record new music that is going to blow you all away.’ The artist cancelled her Vulnicura tour last year due to ‘scheduling conflict beyond control’ and was apparently more than pissed that her album leaked many weeks prior to its actual release. Until we hear more from her please see the full Instagram post right here.

release a new version of this year’s album Vulnicura next month. Vulnicura Strings features a sort-of acoustic version of the album, featuring only a string instrumentation and the voice of BJÖRK. The record will be released on CD and digitally on November 6, with a vinyl release following on December 4th.

The record will also feature the world’s only existing viola organista, an instrument that has been originally designed by Leonardo da Vinci. According to the press release ‘the instrument uses a friction belt to vibrate individual strings (similar to a violin), with the strings selected by pressing keys on the keyboard (similar to an organ).’ Sounds interesting, right? Listen to the new version of Lionsong right here.