The thing with nostalgia is that it’s often hard to generalize certain elements of it. Due to the subjective nature of its core most people have different nostalgic feelings to a different set of things and scenarios. What nostalgia always got in common is a certain reflective and melancholic take on something that’s ultimately gone. The fact that you often can’t hold on to this past feeling explains the bittersweet notion of it and in many ways this feeling shines through the music of this exclusive guestmix Portuguese artist Débora Umbelino aka Surma compiled for NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION.

The sound of Surma first caught our attention back in January when the singer dropped her impressive music video for Plass. Following a really great performance at the Eurosonic festival in Groningen the young artist just released her debut full-length Antwerpen earlier this spring and this hypnotic album is indeed a hidden musical treasure, we must say. If you happen to love atmospheric and hazy dream pop that invites you to an adventurous journey with every spin we definitely recommend to give Antwerpen a spin.

Her nostalgia-driven mixtape gives an idea of the sound’s origins as it presents some of her biggest influences and recent favourites, from Sleep Party People to Marlon Williams (whom she recently discovered at SXSW) up to St. Vincent (‘My biggest inspiration ever’) – Surma‘s mixtape is a trip for music lovers, following that blurry yet consequent red line of bittersweetness or as she puts it:

‘My choice was inspired by the nostalgia of the things and all of my travel thoughts! I want the people feel good about themselves and in another world when they listen that songs. I tried to do a growing atmosphere with the order of the songs.’

So, as always with our guestmixes there’s a lot to discover in this one as Surma unfolds old favourites next to hidden musical treasures, resulting in that tender and complex personal soundtrack. She’s also currently on a little tour so don’t hesitate to pay a visit afterwards.

Tracklist – Surma’s NBHAP Guestmix

01. Amiina – Bíólagið
02. The Florist – 1914
03. Daniel Johnston – Walking The Cow
04. Anthony And The Jonsons & Björk – Flétta
05. Lomelda – Interstate Vision
06. Lower Dens – Société Anonyme
07. Marlon Williams – Dark Child
08. Oso Leone – Crisantemo
09. Stavroz – Talabout
10. Sleep Party People – Melancholic Fog
11. Haxan Cloak – Hounfour
12. St.Vincent – Human Racing
13. Daily Misconceptions – Insomnia Trap