Black Rivers - The Forest

It’s still a few weeks before Britpop brothers Jez and Andy Williams aka BLACK RIVERS will finally release their eponymous debut longplayer. After already teasing us with the hypnotic tracks The Ship and Voyager 1 the two gentlemen are now unveiling their latest single The Forest. It’s a smooth going, summerly track, a perfect one to get your day started. And, of course, if you want to you can hear a bit of DNA from the duo’s previous band DOVES in here as well.

And although many fans are waiting for a comeback of the DOVES it might be wiser to focus on BLACK RIVERS for a bit longer, at least that’s what Jez and Andy do, like they told NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION in a recent interview. The anticipated album arrives on February the 9th via Ignition Records, the new video already today.

We’re happy to bring you the worldwide premiere of The Forest. Packed with bright images, the band performing as silhouettes and impressions from the forest, of course. Experience it right here in its entire beauty.