Bleached-CaliforniaNOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION has been fans of BLEACHED’s power girl sound, with a sound that references the GO-GO’s and THE RAMONES.  Two blondes from Southern California, they do not fit the stereotype in terms of what they should sound like. When we interviewed them, we found out about the two sisters  motivations for forming a punk band,  what it’s like to be a female rock musician, and why they both have 818 tattooed inside their lower lips. We are happy to offer an exclusive download from their debut, Ride Your Heart.

Dead In Your Head is a toe tapping break-up song (they do exist.)  Sample lyric: “I never wanted/ to lose the boy I loved the most.”  It’s a sad line over an impossibly upbeat guitar and drums. So this is for all of you who lie awake at night, dreaming about all the things that could have been, check out these San Fernando Valley based garage punkers track. Put it on when she/he has walked away and you’re tossing and turning, debating what you could have done different. Download that BLEACHED goodie for free right here.