Bloc Party 2015. From left to right: Russel Lissack, Louise Bartle, Kele Okereke and Justin.

Bloc Party 2015. From left to right: Russell Lissack, Louise Bartle, Kele Okereke and Justin.

During their first official gig in two years yesterday, legendary indie rock outfit BLOC PARTY have played a new song. You can check out the full setlist here. And, for the first time, they’ve also exposed their new formation to the public. Not much is known as of yet but we got a nice look at the new band members’ backs with the picture above. Apparently, BLOC PARTY‘s new drummer is the talented young Louise Bartle and the new bass player goes by the name of Justin.

There’s been hints of BLOC PARTY returning with new music for a while now. Especially singer Kele Okereke opened up recently about the dismantling of a former incarnation of the group and the initiation of a new one – including only guitarist Russell Lissack and himself.

Obviously everyone is aware of the line-up situation, this stuff is just coming to light now but we dealt with this two years ago. We had our fights and our conversations two years ago. It was a mutual decision, to be honest. I knew two years ago this is where I wanted to be, I wanted to be making a record with Russell. I’m looking forward to the idea of touring.”

Well, touring plans come with the need for some new band members, obviously. To what extent the now revealed line-up is a steady one which could be called a BLOC PARTY 2.0 remains to be seen though. Also we’re still waiting for actual new material from the now probably finished follow-up to 2012’s last BLOC PARTY album Four. The band will join the FYF Fest this coming weekend, we’ll keep you updated on what news that’ll bring. So long, enjoy one from their latest.