Bloc Party - 2012

Looks like a comeback of British indie rock heroes BLOC PARTY is not as far away as expected. The band went on an hiatus after the release of their latest record Four in 2012 but especially singer KELE kept busy with various projects and the release of his second solo album Trick last year. In a radio interview the singer now revealed that BLOC PARTY are actually already back together and working on a new record. Literally he said:

This record feels like an evolution of where we were. So far there’s nothing that I can compare it to really, in terms of other musicians, whereas in the past I always could. We’re at the writing/recording phase. We have about 18 ideas and I think we’re going to lay them down properly in the next few months.

These are really exciting news for we already celebrated 10 years of Silent Alarm recently and never gave up hope for new BLOC PARTY material. It’s been a difficult time though and the band remained silent about their plans, as did KELE in several chats we had. But these new statements seem like it’s all coming together nicely now. If that wouldn’t be great enough, KELE also premiered bits of a new song called Exes acoustically which you can listen to below. Also have a listen to the original radio interview with Australian station Triple J. Brace yourself, BLOC PARTY will be back!